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Introductory Information
Before you proceed with the contract process, please be advised of the following important aspects.
According to Policy of the Board of Regents of Wisconsin State Universities, all freshman and sophomore students are required to reside in University operated Residence Halls during the academic year. UW-Whitewater further defines this requirement to include the first two years after high school graduation. A student who wishes to be exempt from the "Residency Requirement" must complete an Application for Exemption form prior to signing a housing contract. Failure to submit either a contract or an exemption may result in the full contract term charges being added to the student's university account.

Once the Housing and Dining Services Contract Acceptance form are signed and returned with the $125 housing deposit to the University, it establishes a binding contract between the student and the University.
The acceptable conditions for exemption from the residency policy are as follows:
   1.  You are at least 21 years old.
   2.  You are married (documentation required).
   3.  You live with your parents or guardians and commute to campus from within a 40 mile radius; documentation and approval by the Office of Residence Life are required.
   4.  You are a veteran (2 years active duty documentation required)
   5.  You have lived in a University owned Residence Hall for at least four semesters.
   6.  At least four semesters have passed since your graduation from High School (excluding summer sessions).
   7.  You have a verified medical problem that is directly related to living in the halls or which cannot be accommodated by residence hall facilities (documentation required).
If you sign a contract for the academic year or spring semester only, the contract will be binding for the entire year or spring semester. Until a release from the contract is approved in writing by the Office of Residence Life, the student is required to pay the full room and board fees. Releases will only be considered for the following reasons:
   A).  The student is married (documentation required).
   B).  Enrollment status changes due to academic dismissal, failure to attend, withdrawal from the University, or transfer to another university.
   C).  Assignment to a University sponsored internship, research or exchange program, or any other program that requires living off campus (documentation required).
   D).  Birth of a child (documentation required).
   E).  Other reasons as approved by the Director of Residence Life.
Regardless of the reason, the submission of a written Contract Release Request is required, and approval must be granted in writing by the Office of Residence Life.
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